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Nonprofit 501c3 Advice & Tax Exempt Status Law

Full 501c3 Services, Including Help With 501c3 Application Forms and 501c3 Bylaws

We are familiar with the special issues and significant challenges facing nonprofits, and are committed to helping our clients fulfill their organization's missions. Our expert 501c3 advice will save your organization time and resources that are better dedicated to fundraising, networking, building relationships and pursuing your nonprofit mission. To best avoid difficulties and delays with the IRS, your organization should be represented by an attorney specializing in nonprofit law.

We know that 501c3 applications forms can be confusing for someone who isn't trained and experienced in 501c3 law, but unfortunately the IRS isn't so understanding and rarely tolerates even minor errors or misunderstandings. If your 501c3 application isn't perfect, you run the risk of long delays and even outright rejection from the IRS, which can cost your nonprofit a lot of time and money. It's far better to consult the experts when filling out a 501c3 application form rather then attempting to decipher it all on your own and hoping you get it right the first time. We will work with you to make the 501c3 application process as easy and comfortable for you as possible, while making sure that your application is flawless.

The 501c3 advice and support we offer doesn't stop with approval of your 501c3 application. We can navigate your through all areas of nonprofit law such as incorporation, 501c3 bylaws, compliance reviews and more.

Let us help your nonprofit better the world.

We cover all areas of nonprofit legal needs:
  • Incorporation, 501c3 bylaws, budgets, minutes for initial directors' meeting, and other startup documentation (routinely within 1-2 weeks of retainer)
  • Help filling out 501c3 application forms and establishing tax exempt status at the federal and state level (routinely within 60-90 days of filing)
  • Guidance and instructions in maintaining corporate formalities and keeping your 501c3 nonprofit status over the long term
  • Continuing representation and consultation including employment, real estate, leasing, and contract issues (Ask us about our on-call attorney retainer program as a way to address your legal concerns in a cost effective and timely manner)
  • Compliance review - entailing review of 501c3 bylaws, state and federal filings and representation when organizations are out of compliance
  • Accounting; IRS and state filings (8734, 990, etc.)

If you have questions about a 501c3 application, 501c3 bylaws, or about any of our other 501c3 services, or you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can serve you, please contact us anytime. A nonprofit attorney is waiting to give you the 501c3 advice and consulting you need.

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“501c3 applications filed by lawyers are 10 times more likely to be approved than those filed by the organizations themselves.”

– IRS Agent, IRS Processing Center, Convington, KY.



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