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Civil Litigation

Our civil litigation practice includes representing clients
on all manner of civil disputes.

Whether you are embroiled in a business, property, or personal dispute, we will work hard to see that your rights and interests are being addressed. Whether your case can be resolved through aggressive negotiation, or we proceed to litigation, you will have skilled and dedicated litigators working on your behalf.

For our individual or business clients, we provide advice and representation on issues involving:

Breach of Contract

Lease Disputes

Employer/Employee Issues – Wage and Hourly, Discrimination Cases, Termination Issues

Collection of Outstanding Debts

Performance of Services

A substantial portion of our litigation practice is devoted to representing clients embroiled in property disputes. We work with clients to resolve real estate related disputes, including:

Boundary Disputes

Unlawful Detainer, Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Disclosure of Property Conditions

Property Transaction Misrepresentations & Fraud

In conjunction with our probate practice, we represent clients involved in disagreements over the administration of estates, including:

Will Contests

Multiple Wills

All Other Probate Disputes

If you have questions about our services, or you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can serve you, please contact us anytime.

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